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Application for Worksite and UTV Permit

Once the application is completed, the applicant should make an appointment to have an SLPD officer inspect the vehicle(s) and sign the application, which will then be taken to city hall where the $40.00 annual fee will be collected and a permit sticker will be issued for the vehicle.

Some things to be aware of, in order to pass the inspection, all UTVs will need to have the following before being permitted to operate on city streets:

Proof of liability insurance

Headlamps, tail lamps, and brake lamps

Two (2) red reflectors mounted on the rear of the

vehicle between 15-60" from the ground level


Safety belts

Two (2) rear-view mirrors



Also, this permit, which should be placed on the rear of the vehicle in a conspicuous spot, only allows operation on city streets and direct crossings of US 24 Highway. The permit DOES NOT allow any operation along or on US 24 Highway, which includes Chestnut and West Railroad Streets in Silver Lake, including the shoulder of the road or right of way.

Only licensed drivers holding a valid operator's license are allowed to operated UTVs on city streets.

The annual permits issued now are valid thru December 31, 2022, and will be suspended for six months upon conviction of any of the traffic laws outlined in the new city ordinance.

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